Testing, trimming and thinking about interior

I was almost at the point where I thought I was ready to send the car of to another round of sandblasting and metallization (a process where you spray different metals on the car to protect it from rusting).

But then people more clever than me (my workshop buddies) told me that it was a REALLY good idea to do a test mounting of the larger parts to make sure they fit – and if not to modify them BEFORE the car is in fresh paint.

That means that I’m now mounting the fenders, lids, doors etc. – and while most of it has a nice fit, there are some parts that do need some modification, so very happy about the good advice.

Another little problem that Anders spotted was that the holes for mounting the trim is placed a little different on the new panels than on the old. This is probably due to the fact that the new panels are produced in Mexico for the late models of the original beetle. To fix it I need to weld the holes closed and drill new ones that are aligned with the ones in the door. To do this correctly I have visualized the lines using masking tape.

Finally I’m also thinking hard about which colors to choose for the interior. My current interior is a dark red, but it might not be the ideal color for a car that is going to have a dark purple color. Therefore I have been thinking and discussion with the others what would be a good combination. I have always liked the “Gulf racing” colors (light blue and orange) but I’m unsure if it will blend nicely in with the purple?


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