Old doors out – new doors in

The last couple of weeks has given me both up’s and down’s.

Las week I noticed a small bulge on one of the doors. After having examined it on the back it was clear that it was enemy number one: RUST!

When one a of the guys put a screwdriver straight through the door I became painfully aware that it was never going to be as good as I wanted it to be. Even if I could fix it – there would be a good chance that it would resurrect in time.

Relief came yesterday: One of the friends of the workshop – Søren J.,  the same guy holding the screwdriver last week – had found two original doors that we tried to mount. As can be seen on the pictures they fit like a glove!

So even though it looked bad last week it ended out in happiness – thanks Søren and Anders for the help!

Skriv et svar