The headliner

When I sent the car for sandblasting the original headliner was removed – both to be able to sandblast the body properly, but also because it was worn.

At some point I’ll therefore have to put a new headliner in. But Anders gave me an idea that I should consider a smaller on – the ones used in later cheaper models called the “Sparkäfer”.

It has the advantage that it will highlight the beautiful curves in the roofline and giving that I expect to give the car a deep dark purple paint job, it will look nice with a bright headliner in contrast.

On the other side there is a challenge with all the metal clips that is on the car to fasten the full headliner to the body – if I go for the small headliner I’ll have to remove all of those. Especially on the B-pillar there is a lot of work to be done.

I’m leaning toward the small headliner – but I guess it is going to be demand some work.

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