The wiring and the rev-counter

Two projects that I have been working on for a while is the wiring of the car and the rev counter


The old wiring harness was cut into pieces by previous owners of the car, so early on I decided to get a fresh one. After hours of search on the internet, most of the results where from the US and since the import taxes and shipping are very high, it would have ended up very costly. Fortunately I found a UK based guy that would make one for me.

After contacting him, it turned out that he didn’t have the correct pattern for my car, but he offered me a bargain if I could ship the old one to him. So I did – and it turned out that he was going to the Bug Run show in Sweden. With some coordination and the help from a Danish beetle fan – also going to Bug Run – the new harness ended up at the garage. Last week I got to install the main part of it into the car – so now the electrics is on its way.

Rev Counter

I have written about my custom rev counter project before but now I need to get it finished. During my visit to the “1. mai Käfertreff” in Hannover earlier this year I found the correct donor-speedo, so I have taken it apart and I’m now in the process of making a new dial for the rev-counter. To do that I have glued the speedometer dial together with a metal plated to be able to put filler on it. I have also put on the filler and painted part of it, so my hope is that I within a couple of weeks will be able to do the graphics for the rev-counter and before autumn get it assembled and in the car.