The long winter

It has been a loooong time since I last updated the blog, but I have actually been active for the most of the winter, and most of the time has gone with test assembly in preparation for sandblasting, metallization and finally paint.

I have created a short list of the most interesting things I have made over the winter:

1. Modifications for “spar-käfer”-headliner
I have finally decided that when the time comes I’ll fit the small headliner that will just cover inside of the roof – not the full headliner that was standard on the ’69 beetles. This means I have removed different clips and sanded it down so it all will look nice when painted.

2. Adding a new aircooled to the collection (a ’64 Vespa scooter)
In the autumn I got the possibility to buy my mother in laws old ’64 Vespa Grand Lux. The collection now holds two aircooled vehicles – now I only need a MC license.


3. Left rear fender

One of the big tasks was to find a left rear fender in a decent (original) quality. The search has taken me around the internet and the one I ended up buying was from New Mexico, USA. The shipping and tax was more than the fender, but after four weeks in transit the fender ended up on my doorstep. Now it will truly be an international beetle.

4. Dashboard

Another area that has been the subject for discussion has been the dashboard. Originally the dash was mounted with a protective foam cover to meet safety demands of the time. When I bought the beetle 10 years ago, one of the first things I removed was the that cover to expose the metal dash underneath, but the cover left some holes in the sides. At the time I also took the wrong decision to cut in the dash to make room for a modern radio.

All in all the dash needed some love to get back in order. Some of the holes were filled by Henrik from Pladewerket, but as I have been working on the car for the last year I have talked with Anders and Pieter if it was possible to make it even better. As a result I have closed two more ventilation holes and are planning to put in flip switches and a tachometer in the center of the dash. More about this in a later post.

 There is light at the end of the tunnel!

Skriv et svar