Reaching a milestone

Its a really big day for my ’69 beetle restoration project:

After about a year of preparation and careful work on all the small details I was able to send of the Beetle for another round of sandblasting in May. Now the chassis has got a metal coating and is back in the workshop in Kvinderup.

This marks a turning point for the project as the days of tearing down is now over and the days of building up can begin – ohh happy day!


The first job was to empty the tunnel on the chassis for sand from the blasting process as well as dirt from 44 years of use. Compressed air, a vacuum cleaner and a good amount of patience was the most important tools.

Then it was time to give the chassis a couple of layers of primer. It’s my first time around spray painting, so it was exciting to try. But with good help from my workshop buddies it went rather well – but the say that the primer is the easy part.

Next up is to seal the weldings and other areas where the chassis is specially likely to rust and then give the outside parts a layer of stone chip primer (gummihud). Finally I’m going to give it all some tough paint from Esbjerg Emalje – paint that is usually used on farming equipment.

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