Moving to a new workshop

For 5 years I have been sharing the workshop in Gørløse together with my good friend Petar and even though we have had some good times there with the cars – we have not used it enough, and our projects are not nearly as long underway as we had hoped.

So with his project still a good way from finished Petar has decided to sell his Fiat 500 and move out of the workshop.

This gave me an opportunity to evaluate my own future in that place. I came to the conclusion that it’s too big and pricy for my current needs and apart from the space I also need some expert guidance to get on with the project and get the ’69 beetle back together again.

As a result I have been looking for a new place where I could work on the car and at the same time have someone I could ask when in doubt about something.

And I have been very lucky! Just a few kilometers from the old workshop in a small village called Kvinderup I have found a place with a open space in a large workshop with 5 other guys. Anders, Pieter, Mogens, Jørgen and Mikkel all work on VW’s of different sorts. They are a cool bunch of guys and they sure knows a lot about old beetles! I really look forward to continue my work on the ’69 beetle in new settings.

But before picking up the pace again I needed to move the car and all the parts to the new workshop. I had good help from Camilla (now with Ursula in her little pram),  Jan-Erik and his children Alexander and Elisabeth.

I was strange seeing the old workshop all empty – thinking about all my years there – but nice to know I’m going to a place where I can finish the project.

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