Knowing when to call for help

Realizing that my skills within car restoration are limited, I have been looking for someone to help me get the project back on track and through the VW community in Denmark I have found a guy named Henrik to help me get on with the project.

First step is to get the car sand blasted to assess  how bad the situation is exactly. For this to happen the car obviously needs to be taken apart. But the worst part is that I need to “undo” the undersealing that I gave the car when it was still on the road in a best effort to preserve it – I really regret that now!

I have made an agreement with Henrik to come and get the car and drive it to Jyderup Sandblæseri on the 19th of September – so for the last month I have been working hard to get the car ready.

Apart from removing the undercoat of Tectyl/Pava (which have taken much more time than expected), the major tasks has been to take apart the steering and the rear part of the car – especially the transmission.

I have been lucky to get help from my supporting wife Camilla.

Here are som pictures from the last month


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